For those who are looking for the ultimate 4WD tour, we offer 2 exciting once-in-a-lifetime tours. These tours are ready to go with only 2 pax (4 total, together with a driver/guide and co-driver)

  • Australia's Longest Shortcut (15 days)
  • Gibb River Road (21 days)


The Australia's Longest Shortcut tour is a 6,000km road trip over 15 days

The highlight of this tour is the Great Central Road, between Uluru (Ayer Rocks) and Laverton. Driving more than 1,000km of dirt road across the aboriginal land in The Northern Territory and Western Australia. This is part of the Australia's Longest Shortcut route from Perth to Cairns 

Other places of interest on this tour
Nullarbor: 90 mile straight, the longest straight stretch of road in Australia: 145.6 km
Nullarbor: Head of Bight, up to 100 whales frequent this area to breed and give birth to whale calves
Coober Pedy: Opal capital of the world and stay in underground hotel/motel
Uluru: the world famous Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Kjuta
Kalgoorlie: the Super Pit, the biggest open pit mine in Australia


The Gibb River Road tour is a 7,500km road trip over 21 days

The highlight of this tour is the Gibb River Road, between Kununurra and Derby. More than 700km of dirt road across many rivers and creeks in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The trip is still touted as one of the last serious adventures in Australia

Other places of interest on this tour
Broome: resort town famous for it's pearl industry and sunset camel ride
Kununurra: vist Argyle Lake, Western Australia's largest freshwater man-made reservoir by volume
Exmouth: northern gateway to the Ningaloo Marine Park
Coral Bay: southern tip of Ningaloo Reef
Monkey Mia: each morning wild bottlenose dolphins swim to the shallows of Monkey Mia
Kalbarri: a town at the mouth of the Murchison River. Natural window and Murchison River gorge are the major attractions in Kalbarri